Dr. Kelley Varner

kelley-varner1I began my writing ministry in 1970.  But since my wife Joann read A YEAR IN THE NOW  by Bishop Jim Swilley, I am no longer her favorite author.  I have lost count of the number of copies of this classic that she has purchased as gifts for her special friends.  When I told her that I had been asked to write something about the new revision of this dynamic devotional, she immediately replied, “I don’t know how he could make it any better than it already is.”


Some men and women instruct staff members to edit their preaching into a book and then unashamedly claim its authorship.  Many others have ghostwriters (I have written several volumes for nationally known ministries).  But my friend and colleague Bishop Swilley is a commissioned scribe with a God-given grace to translate the profound mysteries of the Kingdom of God into a language that this generation, young and old, can readily grasp.


The volume before you breathes with the living Word.  It is an inspiration for the heart, an incentive to effective prayer, and a gold mine of truth for every preacher and teacher.  I heartily recommend the new and (if possible) revised version of A YEAR IN THE NOW as a must read for every Christian, especially us leaders.


                                                                                                                                                                                               Dr. Kelley Varner

Kelley Varner Ministries


Available @ www.churchinthenow.org

On-line @ www.ayearinthenow.wordpress.com


chosen1Chosen for Greatness by Dr. Kelley Varner (foreword by Bishop Jim Swilley)


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  1. The congregation at Church In The Now regularly stands to receive a closing blessing from Bishop Jim Swilley. All of his blessings are wave after wave of life-giving scripture that congregants soon recognize they are repeating for themselves.

    A Year In The Now is just like those blessings, only more–because you have the words at your fingertips…and you have seven affirmations relating to a theme for every day. As Bishop Jim suggests, the daily affirmations are to be read aloud. I do it and it makes a profound difference in my day, my weeks and my years–focusing me in the present moment and compelling me to stay in the Now.

    A fun note: don’t skip the introduction…you might miss the hint he gives you about his love for alliteration so be sure to read it and watch for his masterful and often humorous use of words.

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