Mario Orsini

mario-orsini120/20 VISION is a book that should be in everyone’s home. With passion, humor, wisdom and common sense,  Bishop Swilley not only identifies the challenge of a myopic perception that detrimentally affects the way we live,  he also provides us with practical and down-to-earth solutions that can help us change the way that we see things, and the way we react to our environment. Thus, we are provided with a transitional bridge that enables us to cross from hope to accomplishment…from dreams to reality…from our present to a more successful future.

Mario Orsini Jr. J.D., President, DMT International, Inc.

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  1. 20/20 Vision has been a powerful tool that I have used in the workplace and in everyday life. I believe it to be one of Bishop Swilley’s greatest works and I have shared it with many because of the wisdom of changing your life by changing the way you see things.

    I have read and re-read often and I believe it is now a precious jewel that has been deposited into my spiritual fiber because I am constantly trying to look at the glass half full and teaches others around me to do the same. Thank you Bishop for your labor of love. This is a must have for any Christian library or self help book for any culture or nation or age group.

    Yvonne Fuller

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