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  1. Native Atlantan, in the ministry since 1972, Graduate of Southeastern University, founder and Sr. Pastor of Church In The Now (since 1985), Bishop of Now Ministries, Member of the ICCC College of Bishops (since 1998); only child of Rev. Jimmy R. and Darlene Swilley, husband of Debye, father of Jared, Christina (Hickel), Judah, and Jonah, father-in-law of Daisson, grandfather of Sofia. Member of ASCAP and author of A Year In The Now, Activating the Power of Life and Death, 20/20 Vision: Changing Your Life by Changing the Way You See Things, 20/20 Vision Workbook, Keepin’ It Real, It’s All Good!, Body-Life Now!, John In The Now, Twenty-Three: New Reflections on the 23rd Psalm and You, Matthew In The Now…learning from the past, living in the present, creating the future!

  2. Truly JITN is a blessing of inspiration and insight. No sooner than I had read the first few lines I had become instantly aware that I’d “stumbled” across something very special. Let the scriptures wash and refresh you with a brand new luminosity and vision. Truly an inspired translation for this age and generations!

  3. Respected and Dearest Bishop Jim Earl Swilley
    Greetings to your in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
    How are you? How are your family and your ministry? Here we are praying for you, Once again I consider it as a great privilege to write you. I hope and pray that this letter finds you well and mighty in the grace of our almighty lord Jesus Christ. I praise God for His mighty move around the world. We are seeing many the wonders and miracles in our ministry. He is doing some amazing and mighty things, amen. God is good all time.

    Again God is inspiring me to invite you to our ministry in India , and I believe that God is going to do mighty ministry through your ministry. So it should be in God’s timing. So pray and give us the dates to come to India , so That we can prepare for your visit. As the word of God tell us” Go you therefore and preach the Gospel to all creation. “The harvest is plentiful but the Workers are few”. These Once are the days for the end time revival. We believe for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

    The dedicated Evangelists have to do lords work and at the same time take care of the family. The family may consist of not only wife and three or four children but also parents of either spouse, aged unproductive, decrepit, ailing parents of either spouse. Except on Sunday the evangelists keep the moving Mostly among villages round the week .In his own church he has to cater to all members on Sundays ,organize women’s wings, youth wings and Sunday school on different fixed days of the week. in addition to his own church work, he has to organize the marriages of church members, attend funerals, preach in than giving meetings in the member’s houses, keep visiting the aged, sick and the ailing, besides this ,he has to visit 5 to 10 villages wherever he is invited. At least 5 to 10 villages in a week with in a radius of 25 kms.

    The village church members are not rich like those in cities. What the members contribute on Sunday by way of offertory is a pittance. They are all casual laborers agricultural farms and live from hand to mouth. During off season they do not get one square meal to eat. So the gospel worker in change of the church has to send his wife and children to work somewhere for daily wages. They do not own any farms themselves. There will be many days in a week when the so called pastor’s own family goes to bed starving. Even in case of clothes it can be observed that members of the family and children are ill clad or in rags. What we give them by way of monthly support lasts hardly for a week so many weeks have to be fed in the remaining month. Still they work because they are called to ministry and obey Lord’s command so knowing their needs as Evangelist and Pastor Prem Known from his own personal experience.We are keeps encouraging the evangelists work in the field in the following manner.Pators needed Bicycles. One bicycle cost of 80 dollars only. They have to cover a lot of distance on rough roads or no roads. This is the only mode of transport that can be used in the interior rural area. Every main church has been needed one petromox light. One petromox light cost of 15 dollars .Bicycles, bags clothes saris to Gospel workers wives, suit cases and Drums. Medical aid is what all the family gets while the members in each family are given gifts as mentioned above .Gospel workers get two pairs of clothes a year.

    “Giving hope to those who need it most” I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. John 4:35 Mission : The mission of the Bicycle Project is to improve pastor’s access to the people they are serving.

    Why are Bicycles a Necessity?

    In many rural areas, bicycles are a primary source of transportation. They are economical to purchase and operate, as well as easy to maintain. Bicycles allow pastors and church workers to visit church members and communities with greater ease and speed than on foot
    I HUMBLY REQUSTING YOU PLEASE GRANT THREE BI-CYCLES FOR THE RURAL GOSPEL WORKERS. Once again thank your for your prayers. Continue to pray for us. We are praying for you and your ministry around the Globe.

    Pastor.Prem and Mrs.Deena We are conducting Pastors Seminar and Gospel meetings crusade for their Spiritual growth in these seminars they are doing workshops they are learning many things from Bible Teachers to win new souls and to plant new Churches and to lead spiritual way their Churches. If God willing we are planning to Conduct Seminar in our area. Hence I am inviting you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, to participate to share word of god in our Leadership training and crusade Gospel meetings and this un-reached area to extend the kingdom of God your participation will help us to go forward to save many trodden souls I his ministry, because now is the right time of salvation.
    So 1 concludes this letter with prayerful wishes and best compliments. Have you interest in God’s work please inform me we do also praying for you and family in our daily. May God bless you richly, thanking you so much and expecting your whole hearted cooperation in the field of our great evangelical work? I hope to hear from you so soon.
    Thanking you
    Yours Brother in Christ
    Pastor.Prem and Deena

    Postal Address
    Rev. D.Premanandam
    Senior Pastor
    Ambassadors for Christ Ministries
    E.G.Dist A.P India
    Office Phone Number: 0091-8869-250756
    Cell: 0091-9949906761

  4. I have read your book “A Year In The Now” & loved it. How do I order a copy of this book for my son. I can see the book on here but do not see an order form any where.. Thanks for your help. I know you probably don’t ship to Canada, which is where they live, but if you do that would be great. If not I live in Florida. Kirk Taley was at our church last year with your books with him. He so highly recommended it that I bought one & really enjoyed it. It helped me at a rough time in my life. Thanks for your help.

  5. Hi Flora…thanks…you can order it at http://www.jimswilleybooks.com or on amazon.com…peace to you!

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