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Kirk Talley

k-talleyIn the lowest point of my life, Dean and Mary Brown, from TBN, sent me this book, A YEAR IN THE NOW.  On days when I didn’t feel I could even get up and face the day, I would pick up A YEAR IN THE NOW, and I would read aloud.  Many days, the words I would read would be what got me up and out of bed and into life again.  It was as though God knew that one day, Kirk Talley would need the ministry that was poured into this book.  On days when I didn’t want to exist, it was life.  On days where I wanted to cry all day, it would speak joy aloud and I would claim that joy for my own life that day.  Most every day, I would hear myself reading from this devotional, saying, what I knew in my heart, I needed to proclaim.


Daily, I read A YEAR IN THE NOW.  And daily, it still is a great encouragement to me.  Thank you, Bishop Jim for writing into this book, life to me.


—Kirk Talley

Gospel Artist and Songwriter


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Senator Steen Miles

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           steen_milesBishop Jim Earl Swilley’s 20/20 VISION is an anointed, must-read book that masterfully illustrates what the songwriter meant by “I once was blind but now I see”. Bishop Swilley artfully combines Word with life in the Now to draw a crystal clear picture of how faith absent fear equals visibility. In a wonderfully uncluttered writing style, Bishop Swilley shows us how we often view ourselves through lenses clouded by hurt, unforgiveness, bitterness and self-doubt.  He reveals how we see ourselves through the lenses of others and believe that mirage, instead of the divine reality and purpose God has ordained for us. This powerful book by this incredibly gifted man of God can lead you out of the darkness of negative perceptions into the bright light of positive new realities through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Get ready to see yourself in a whole new light with…20/20 VISION.


—Minister Steen “Newslady” Miles

Senator, State of Georgia






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Dr. Mark Chironna

dr-chironnaABOUT 20/20 VISON: My friend, Bishop Jim Swilley, has written this masterpiece…and it is a sure invitation to a larger life by making that fundamental shift in your perception of reality.  If you ever doubted whether God had more in store for you, this book will change your paradigm forever.  Let the words of this book give you the permission you need to open the windows of your perception, change the way you view yourself and the world you live and, and watch both you and that world undergo incredible and remarkable transformation!



ABOUT A YEAR IN THE NOW: When my dear friend, Bishop Jim Swilley sent me a copy of his new daily devotional, A Year In The Now, I stopped everything I was doing and couldn’t put it down…that is until my wife took it out of my hands and I have had to pry it back from her ever since.  Jim is one of the most effective, prolific, and unique communicators I have ever met.  He breaks down deep and profound truth and makes it palatable for all of us in such a practical way that just reading the principles and reciting the affirmations increases our life skills.  The days are broken down into seven key principles a day, seven being the number of alignment between heaven and earth   (four being the number of earth, and three of heaven), whereby applying the seven daily truths your heart and mind are aligned with heaven’s best and you are automatically brought into the kind of agreement that gets results in your life.  If you want to get the “more” out of your daily life that has been promised to you in Christ, I want to encourage you to get your hands on  A YEAR IN THE NOW and make it a part of your daily spiritual discipline and focus.  Oh yea, and if anyone else gets their hands on your copy in your family…buy another one because you won’t get it back quick enough!


—Dr. Mark J. Chironna, PhD

Mark Chironna Ministries


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Twenty-Three: New Reflections on the 23rd Psalm and You

twentythree1The beautifully simple lyrics to David’s timeless masterpiece remain as life-affirming and culturally relevant as they were thousands of years ago when he originally wrote them. In this accessible topical devotional based on his song that we know as the 23rd Psalm, you will find a positive “now” word for your every situation. You’ll want to keep a copy handy at all times to remind you that you can live fearlessly, even when walking through your own valley of the shadow of death. And when you are stressed-out or feeling intimidated by those who try to oppose you, you will find in these pages the grace to help you lie down in green pastures and the encouragement to eat at the very table that the Shepherd has prepared for you in the presence of your enemies. His rod and His staff will comfort you at all times, and TWENTY-THREE will help you to use that rod and staff more effectively and to enjoy a more fulfilling life as you learn to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Foreword by Bishop David Huskins

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Doug Fortune

dougfortuneDeeply profound, yet ‘DO-ably’ practical.  That’s how I describe Bishop Jim Swilley’s A YEAR IN THE NOW daily devotional.  Bishop Jim’s ‘easy to read’ style of communication, combined with his witty grouping together of words that start with the same letter, define this devotional as a delightful way to delve deeper into your divine destiny as a daily discipline.  Profound and practical, it’s the perfect proponent to promote your personal progress.


—Doug Fortune

Trumpet Call Ministry



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Pastor Dony McGuire

dony-mcguireBishop Swilley has done it again!  His ability to provide daily insights for life is simply amazing…20/20 is a must read for every for believer!

—Pastor Dony McGuire

The River at Music City




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