ayitn2Would you like to…discover your destiny?…perceive your purpose?…validate your vision?…reinforce your relationships?…strengthen your self-esteem?…overcome your obstacles?…feed your faith? You can…this year! You can…by living in the now! You can…one day at a time! God is on your side! He is available to assist you in the pursuit of your potential as you develop the diligence to seriously search out your personal path for growth into greatness!  Through seeking first His Kingdom and righteousness, you can become the person that he created you to be!

You can only find God’s Kingdom in the eternal “NOW” as you endeavor to experience Him in your everyday existence. Kingdom-seeking consists of a constant effort to embrace the now and a commitment to the continual conforming of your consciousness to it. This empowers and enables you to escape the mental distractions produced by living in the past or in the future, so that you can comprehend a real Christ for your current real circumstances!

A YEAR IN THE NOW is a devotional designed to deliver a doable format for the daily development of your eternal life – to help you think creatively, beyond your familiar, time-bound comfort zones. These positive and powerful affirmations will provide the help you need to progressively put your life on the right track in realistic increments. You don’t have to become overwhelmed by the tremendous task of trying to lead a “now life” in a “yesterday/tomorrow world”.  You can do it day by day!  This is your year to change your world! You can change your world by changing your mind! You can change your mind one day at a time! It’s time for a fresh start, and you can start right now!

Reviews by Dr. Kelley Varner, Dr. Mark Chironna, Kirk Talley, Congressman David Scott, Doug Fortune, Germaine Copeland.  Available @ www.churchinthenow.org . On-line @ www.ayearinthenow.wordpress.com


Keepin’ It Real

keepinitreal9You’ve never read a book quite like this! In these pages, Bishop Jim Earl Swilley candidly examines an unusually wide array of subjects: the reality TV phenomenon . . . pop culture . . . history . . . politics . . . self-esteem . . . prosperity . . . success . . . parenting . . . multiculturalism . . . New Age philosophy . . . world religions . . . political correctness . . . racism . . . sexism . . . tolerance . . . activism . . . technology . . . addiction . . . eschatology . . . dispensationalism . . . the antichrist . . . orthodoxy . . . prayer . . . the Holy Spirit . . . destiny . . . purpose . . . vision . . . and much more . . . and addresses how they all relate to the Kingdom of God in the now!


But Keepin’ It Real is also all about you and how you can develop the courage and confidence to be yourself at all times and to live your real life without compromise. Socially relevant, thought-provoking, and theologically edgy, Keepin’ It Real is a modern manifesto for REAL PEOPLE EXPERIENCING THE REAL GOD IN THE REAL WORLD.

And it’s really anointed!

If you’re ready to get real, get this book!

Available @ www.churchinthenow.org